About Us

More than 4 lakh engineers alone graduating every year from colleges and over 4000 companies vying for them, the arrangement of logistics of entry-level recruitment in India is a relly tough task, to say the least-both for recruiters and job-seekers. By all accounts, this scenario is only going to get tougher in the coming years, as the aspirant workforce in the knowledge and manufacturing industries swells manifold its current figure.

VeKonnect is a state of the art Recruitment and Assessment Platform that helps organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent. Its data-driven, pre-hire talent assessment solutions are transforming how companies View, measure and Hire fresh engineering talent. Finding the right talent is critical for business success. We've crafted our assessments to help you evaluate candidates in a holistic way. While our technology ensures reliable and precise evaluation, the adaptive and standardized nature of our tools ensure their use for making the right talent decisions. We are one of the India's leading recruitment and assessment companies. Our vision is to equality in education & employment by introducing credible assessments.

VeKonnect partners with each customer to design a customized solution that produces measurable and lasting value. Our assessments and simulations enable you to measure each candidate holistically. VeKonnect is helping progressive companies replace traditional applicant screening practices with continuous data-fed processes built around sophisticated assessments that accurately predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in terms of producing better customer satisfaction, increased sales, and retention. 

  1. VeKonnect helps you find the best talent in Engineering and Management, wherever they are.
  2. Over 400 campuses have partnered with us pan India, 2250,000 assessments every year.
  3. We promote colleges into a different light from remote ( tier 2 cities tier 1 and 2 Institutes) areas with lesser job opportunities .
  4. Connect with candidates, build relationships and grow talent pool through VeKonnect Sourcing.
  5. Find the best fits, interview and hire them!
  6. Encourage ongoing participation and inspire skills development.
  7. Automate and Accelerate Tech and Professional expertise Candidate Screening and management.
  8. Improving your results by finding the institutes with best skilled candidates and above it at low hiring cost.
  9. Reliable Results with immediate, clear insights into every candidate.
  10. Connect with candidates, present tasks, ask questions and review results.